Regardless of how you personally feel about former President Donald Trump, there is no denying he held the state of South Dakota and its people in high regard.

Most likely, one of the biggest reasons why was the good working relationship he had with South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem throughout his Presidency.

Word came out this week that Noem presented Trump with a special gift to help him remember his visit to the Rushmore state last year during the 4th of July fireworks celebration the president presided over at the national monument.

Dakota News Now reports, during his July 3rd visit, Trump was the recipient of a $1,100 bust depicting the president on Mount Rushmore. According to Noem, she decided to give the gift to Trump because she knew it was something he wanted to receive and would find special.

If you happened to watch any of the television coverage of Trump's visit to Mount Rushmore last summer, you could easily see that Trump has a true appreciation for the Rushmore monument and everything it represents.

As Dakota News Now reports, Trump's Mount Rushmore miniature gift stands 4 feet tall and depicts the former president alongside presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln.

Now the big question, who paid for it? According to Noem, all the money used to help purchase the gift was accepted through private donations the Governor herself solicited.

Source: Dakota News Now

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