Dakota News Now is reporting that the Great Plains Zoo is treating some of their big cats for COVID-19.

Recent CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) research indicates that a number of mammals, including; cats (wild and domestic), dogs, pigs, even rabbits, and deer can be infected with the virus.

Keesa, an Amur tiger (also known as Siberian Tigers - an endangered species) was observed to be coughing by Great Plains Zoo zookeepers last week, was tested for COVID-19 and the test ultimately came back as positive.

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Unfortunately, reports are indicating that the other big cats at the zoo, including the Snow Leopards (also an endangered species), are exhibiting similar symptoms and will be removed from public view.

A spokesman for the zoo said the big cats were being treated with what was described as "supportive therapies".

Dr. Louden Wright, a veterinarian with the Great Plains Zoo said:

It’s unfortunate that, in spite of the precautions taken, we are seeing this disease in several of our large cats. The speed with which it has moved between these tigers and leopards really speaks to the insidious nature of this virus. Usually, these species seem to recover well with supportive therapy, and our animal care team is working hard to make sure that our cats follow that trend

For more information about the activities and animals living at the Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum, see their website.

Sources: Dakota News Now and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

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