Turn back that Christmas clock in your heart and mind.

Five years. Ten years. A little more. A little more.

There you go, twenty one years. It's Christmas 1998.

What did you get your kids this year? What could they want?

Well, they all wanted the same thing. A Furby. Or two. Or three or more.

It seems like every holiday season there's one particular item that is on virtually everyone's 'must have' list (remember Cabbage Patch Kids?). Looking back, some were waaay cool, while others, in retrospect, were kind of stupid. But they were all hot.

And so it was twenty one years ago, Christmas 1998. That was the year of the Furby.

Released by Tiger Electronics earlier that year, nearly two millions of the little guys were sold that year, and 1999 was even better, with fourteen million sold. And not only could these little critters talk, they were translated into 24 different languages. This thing was a worldwide phenomena.

Called the 'first successful attempt to sell a domestically-aimed robot', that was a bit too technical for the kids that HAD to have one!

They more than a toy. They were a pet.

Oh, Furby's are still around, they're still cool, they're still fun.

But it was Christmastime twenty one years ago that they were it. And I mean it!

Don't believe me? Well, if you were a little one in 1998, you remember. And if you had a little one in 1998, you remember that look of pure joy when they opened up that gift under the tree and pulled out a...