Doing laundry is one of those universal chores that fall under the heading of nuisance. You know you need to do it for health and social reasons. After all, family members and friends prefer to spend time around loved ones who don't smell like 10-year-old sneakers.

Plus, it's just not good form to wear the same t-shirt for two weeks, or turn your underwear inside out and wear it again!

But you're busy, very busy! So busy that your hamper is overflowing. Or for some people, your bedroom floor is covered with so many dirty clothes, it looks and smells like a garbage dump.

Or you're lazy, very lazy! Your trunk or truck bed has bags and bags of so many clothes, you no longer remember what might be in them. You only know for sure that your favorite pair of jeans has been missing for a month.

Busy or lazy, it doesn't matter anymore. The “Uber” of laundry is now available in Sioux Falls. According to Pigeon605/Quick Biz Links, SudShare is a next-day laundry service app founded in Baltimore, that went nationwide and can now be found in Sioux Falls.

Customers just use the app to request service to connect to a SudShare employee in Sioux Falls. The “Sudster” will pick up your bag (or bags) of clothing, from a requested location at your home, (front or back door, porch, backyard, driveway, etc.) wash, dry, and fold it, then return it to you the next day.

Obviously, there are a lot of people out there who simply hate doing laundry, because SudShare is now available in 400 cities, with more being added all the time.

If you decide to hire a “Sudster” the typical customer can expect to pay $35 to $40 per service. That is of course unless you had to rent a Pod, which is currently sitting on your driveway full of your dirty laundry!

Source: pigeon605

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