The African area of the Great Plains Zoo is getting a visit from the king, the king of the jungle that is.

KSFY TV is reporting that the zoo is planning a new exhibit that will feature a pride of about 10 lions, including cubs, and additional habitats for leopards and meerkats. The big announcement comes on the heels, or maybe I should say the paws, of a $5 million capital campaign that recently began for the construction of the lion exhibit at the Great Plains Zoo.

Elizabeth Whealy, Great Plains Zoo President and CEO told KSFY TV, "Having a brand new lion habitat at the Great Plains Zoo is going to be so exciting for all the guests in Sioux Falls, and I think it will make us an even bigger regional draw for those guests outside of Sioux Falls. More importantly, these are animals that are deeply endangered in the wild, and the zoo will become a breeding center to help save this species."

Anyone that has lived in Sioux Falls for a long period of time knows it has been decades since a lion exhibit has been part of the Great Plains Zoo lineup.

KSFY reports along with the king of the jungle, comes an expanded seating capacity in the zoo cafe, which will provide a climate controlled view to the lion exhibit. Spectators will be able to watch all the big cats roam, run, and play through glass viewing windows while they enjoy their meal a few feet away inside the renovated café.

Zoo officials say this picturesque experience is only a few years away thanks to the $5 million capital campaign. Those wishing to help support the new lion habitat campaign can get more information here

Source: KSFY TV/Great Plains Zoo

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