I seemingly cave into the same old gift tags every year. But I found an idea online that is unique to me and maybe to you too especially if you have young children who like to hand out presents but don't read yet.

Gift tags are one of the most inexpensive, yet creative ways to personalize your gift giving, but how? Even those who are not "crafty" can find this idea easy and inexpensive. The lone drawback might be the planning and effort, but isn't that what gift giving is all about?

A fun gift tag idea : Photocopy photos of the person that the gift is for and use it in place of gift tags! Great for Christmas.

Should be able to find the brown shipping paper in the packaging (shipping tape, envelopes, bubble wrap, etc) section of stores. It is fairly cheap.  People used to use that brown paper to wrap boxes before shipping

Everyone seems to be snapping more photos of one another in this world of ours, it's just a great way to personalize the gift you are giving or Santa is giving your children.