She's a lot like many other 17-year-old juniors in high school, in South Dakota. Stylish, serious and fun-loving, studious and ready for adventure- -all at once.

But what sets Rowan Grace Hibbard apart is that remarkable voice you hear whenever she sings. Her initial appearance on NBC's "The Voice" was enchanting enough to get three of the four judges to spin their chairs around for her.

She ultimately went with pop star Gwen Stefani as her coach and headed for the battle rounds. If you're a viewer like me, you know that these battle rounds can be truly annoying, as one great singer tries to out-sing another great singer.

The excruciating part is that your own coach has to make the decision about whether you stay or go. So when it came to a battle round between two of Gwen Stefani's team members, when one member of the Blake Shelton family (Gwen) said "go", another said "no!".

Stefani's hubby and frequent rival on the show, Blake, used a steal to save Rowan Grace, so she stays on the show for now and moves on to the live rounds, according to Pigeon 605.

Where it all ends for the Rapid City Central high school student, at this point is anyone's guess. So we'll have to keep on watching!

Source: Pigeon 605

14 Grocery Shortages South Dakota May Deal With This Winter

It seems like grocery shopping has turned into a hit-and-miss experience across the Midwest. South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa have seen empty shelves next to fully stocked ones.

All the jelly you want, but no peanut butter, for example.

The fallout from the first year of the COVID pandemic is still with us. Add to that the effect of the war in Ukraine and weather disasters.

Disruptions to global shipping and the domestic supply chain mean that you may run into a situation where you don't know if all you need will be in stock. 

Winter 2022-2023 is looking to deal with several possible shortages of some grocery store favorites. 

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