I can't help it. I'm a chocoholic, so when people talk about favorite candies, the last thing I'm thinking about is hard candy, or suckers, or even bubble gum. But I apparently am in the minority.

Innerbody, a health and wellness website analyzed Google search data to discover which classic American candies people were hungry for this Halloween. Some of the results were surprising.

The average American eats a little over a quarter pound of sugar every day. That is apparently the equivalent of 3 regular-size Snickers bars. I wonder what an entire bag of miniatures has? (Just asking for a friend).

In any case, the one candy that this study determined everyone hated was Dubble Bubble Gum. Well, I shouldn't say everyone - - it was actually only 44 out of the 50 states.

When it comes to South Dakotans, the candies that they searched for the most, (believe it, or not) were Lemonheads and Milky Way!

Lemonheads. Really? I have never known or met anyone who had an appetite for the sour little suckers. But that is just me. Now Milky Ways--absolutely!

Iowans prefer M&Ms and Minnesotans go for those sugary Snickers bars.

Other findings from this study found that Charms Blow-Pops and Jolly Ranchers were very popular in the most states, Starburst came in second, Kit-Kats were third, and Almond Joys were the fourth most popular.

On the other side of things, only one state in the country loved its Candy Corn and that was Alabama.

To check out the rest of this exhaustive study just click over to Innerbody.

Source: Innerbody

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