Last week South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was featured in a South Dakota Department of Tourism Ad.

The Bismarck Tribune is reporting that the ad was placed “at the governor's request”. The 30-second spot ran on FOX TV during FOX NEWS at a cost of $819,000 taxpayer dollars.

The ad features panoramic views of mostly western South Dakota. It shows lots of Mount Rushmore, Buffalo, the Badlands, and a shot of Sioux Falls Arc of Dreams.

Governor Noem states in the ad: “South Dakota the land of the free. With our breathtaking landscapes and wide-open spaces. We're a place to safely explore. And with our low taxes, we're a place to grow. We're open for opportunity. And always will be. I'm governor Kristi Noem. Celebrate what makes America great. And experience the great faces and great places of South Dakota.”

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