Years of study, observation, and testing, long ago, led educators and scientists to come to the overwhelming conclusion that young children need quality educational resources, as this sets the groundwork for all future learning.

This realization led educators to dedicate a week to highlight the need for superior early learning opportunities, not only for young children but for their families as well.

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Our "Week of the Young Child" 50th Anniversary celebration kicks off at a very appropriate venue, The Children's Museum of South Dakota in Brookings, which will be hosting all the activities both virtual and live. For the live activities, you are asked to pay what you can.

Here is a roadmap of what is going on:

  • Music Monday, April 12, 10-10:30 AM - A free virtual storytime for ages  3 to 6 reading Punk Farm and rocking out to some classic tunes. Registration is required.
  • Tasty Tuesday, April 13, 10-10:30 AM - Free virtual storytime for ages 3 to 6 reading I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato which gives picky eaters a new view of vegetables.
  • Tasty Tuesday (Part 2), April 13, 2:30- 3 PM - An in-person storytime for the whole family reading the book I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato and enjoying an activity related to it.
  • Work Together Wednesday - April 14, 10:30- 10:50 AM - Virtual Children's Yoga for ages 2 to 5 with Prairie Soul Yoga.
  • Work Together Wednesday (Part 2) - April 14, 2:30- 3 PM - Family style working together-themed storytime and activities.
  • Artsy Thursday - April 15, 10- 10:30 AM - Virtual storytime with an activity reading My Crayons Talk.
  • Artsy Thursday (Part 2) - April 15, 2:30- 3 PM- In-person storytime at the Outdoor Prairie, again reading My Crayons Talk, and doing some fun coloring.
  • Family Friday, Friday, April 16, 10- 10:30 AM- Virtual storytime reading The Family Book by Todd Parr and doing a fun activity.
  • Family Friday (Part 2) - April 16, 2:30- 3 PM - In-person storytime once again, reading The Family Book, and celebrating everyone who makes up a family!

For more information see The Children's Museum of South Dakota online, on Facebook, or call 605-692-6700.

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