Planning a vacation when you're short on cash and time has just gotten easier! A South Dakota city has been named one of the "Seven Best Destinations in America for an Affordable Vacation" by Budget Travel.

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The thing is that the article is really about vacations in certain locations that only take a tank of gas and a weekend's worth of time to get there and enjoy it. For example these are the 7 they chose:

1. New York, New York - Because they have a "Weekend Like a Local" package.

2. Newport, Rhode Island - Because it is crowned "The Classic Coast" and

is considered a driveable location for 30% of U.S. residents - -yet, it feels a world away!"

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Because it is - (if you haven't rolled your eyes yet - -do it now)

Located within a 90-minute flight of 50% of the US population and a six-hour or less drive from nine states

4. Temecula, California - Because it is the best of Vegas and Napa Valley in one place. and accessible to - - um- -a lot of Californians. (Hey, don't crab at me, I didn't come up with this list!)

5. Sanibel & Captiva Islands, Florida - Because -

cheaper and closer to home than the Caribbean

6. Rapid City, South Dakota - Because it truly is a great choice for South Dakotans (finally!) and their take on it, is this:

With direct flights to Rapid City from major cities such as Dallas, Phoenix and Salt Lake City, this metropolis is becoming a weekend getaway destination for its exciting outdoor activities, dynamic art scene and unique culinary options.

Looking for a good view? Known for its famous rock formations, travelers can visit Black Hills for diverse rock climbing (or just hiking) opportunities. After your outdoor adventure, check out Art Alley, a passageway of free-form graffiti murals that intermingle with pop art, abstract and cultural works. End your day by pleasing the foodie in your group with a taste of authentic bison entrees such as bison meatloaf or short ribs.

7. Kalispell, Montana - I've been to Kalispell many times (because, full disclosure -  I'm a native Montanan) and it really is a good choice. . .for Montanans or. . . for people who can afford to fly there, (yes there are plenty of flights into Kalispell) and pay to stay in one of the very expensive lodging offerings near Glacier Park or Flathead Lake. Or for those headed to Whitefish; a once quiet, beautiful little berg which has turned into a crowded, prohibitively expensive hangout for the rich & famous!

That sounded kind of bitter, didn't it? Sorry.

Now where was I? Oh yeah - - The Black Hills, Rapid City, Mount Rushmore, etc., are truly, a great affordable weekend vacation choice for a lot of people.

Then again, some of us will just hang out where we are, still have fun and save money to boot!

Sources: Budget Travel and Only in Your State and me.

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