The elements of a good staycation are numerous and, of course, personal to the individual taking one. I've seen numerous homes in Sioux Falls where I could be very happy spending a week lolling about on a luxurious patio, or in a beautiful garden, reading or listening to a great book, under an umbrella, or on a chaise lounge by a pool.

Mind you, I'm talking about other people's beautiful homes, not my ramshackle hovel. But that being said, there are plenty of things to do in Sioux Falls, with family or friends, which can make for a very enjoyable staycation, whether or not you live in a mansion or not.

Financial website WalletHub has taken it upon themselves to compare 182 cities in the U.S. to come up with the Best & Worst Cities for Staycations. They evaluated them by using 3 main categories, 1) Recreation 2) Food & Entertainment and 3) Rest & Relaxation.

The top two cities, Honolulu, Hawaii (number one) and Orlando, Florida (number two) are fairly obvious choices. I mean, if you lived in one of those two places, you might have no reason to leave. Ever!

Sioux Falls came in 83rd overall, which isn't bad considering the competition. We have a great city park system, not to mention beautiful state parks nearby. There are numerous museums to check out, live music and theatrical entertainment, an endless supply of restaurants, movies, shopping, art galleries, and a world-class zoo, to name but a few activities.

To check out the complete list of Best & Worst Cities for Staycations see WalletHub.


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