Snow school is in session this week in Sioux Falls.

I really wish that class didn't need to be offered, but unfortunately, we live in a region of the country where it should probably be mandatory.

This week the city of Sioux Falls is busy teaching over 100 people designated to be snow plow drivers this winter. The snow school classes are designed to help them learn the art of snow removal, along with teaching them how to navigate their machinery on ice-packed, snow-covered city streets.

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This year the city is being proactive by getting its snow plow drivers, aka, their “snowfighters,” up to speed on all the operational updates. Dakota News Now reports this team of trained snow removers will use specific software in the training sessions to give them hands-on experience.

One of the course instructors told Dakota News Now, “It’s extremely important. The City of Sioux Falls continues to grow at a rapid pace so that just means more streets to clear in the wintertime. We’ve lost quite a few contractors over the last few years, and they run into the same issues we are, finding good operators to run this type of equipment.”

Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you encounter a snow plow on a city street, county road, or Interstate Highway.

First, slow down. You've undoubtedly heard the saying, "Don't crowd the plow," right? It's actually something every driver should get in the habit of practicing. Slow plows typically travel at slower speeds, depending on road conditions, so you should adjust the speed of your vehicle accordingly when traveling near a plow.

Secondly, be patient. I know we all generally need to get somewhere in a hurry, but the safest road conditions will be behind a plow doing its job, not in front of it.

Finally, here in South Dakota, there is no state law that says you cannot pass a snow plow that is out working. However, the action can be dangerous, so motorists should resist the urge to pass a plow unnecessarily.

The snow could start flying at any time, so here are a few helpful reminders to brush up on regarding winter weather driving from the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

Source: Dakota News Now/South Dakota Department of Transportation

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