Sioux Falls Police say four residents were arrested in a car following a shoplifting call from a local business.

"Officers arrived and they found a car that was associated to the call. We were able to positively identify one of the people in the car as being the shoplifter. As the officers were checking out the vehicle they came across a syringe that had some evidence of meth. As the search continued there was quite a bit of paraphernalia found: additional syringes, couple of old medicine bottles, baggies, much of which had small amount of meth in them," said Captain Loren McManus.

The four suspects face a number of charges.

"Three of the four received charges of possession of controlled substance or possession of drug paraphernalia. There was a fourth that got those two charges and an additional charge of unauthorized articles in jail. There was additional property on her person when they got in jail."

McManus identified the four as 20-year-old Kaleb Albertsen, 22-year-old Anessa Williams, 27-year-old Christopher Sward and 19-year-old Kaitlin Roehers.

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