Criminals will go after easy marks to get away with your stuff. The more secure your items are, the harder it is for criminals to get away with theft.

When the weather gets warmer, a spike in certain kinds of crimes become more common. Among the most frequent incidents according to Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens would be items taken from unlocked cars.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re running into a convenience store or picking up a kid at daycare. There are people that are looking for opportunities like that. Cars that are parked outside of your house especially if they are locked all night long. We have all kinds of items stolen: purses, guns, cash that are taken from unlocked cars.”

Sometimes if the item has enough value, Clemens advises that thieves will take the extra step to get it.

“If somebody wants to get into that car, it doesn’t take much to break the windows. If (the criminal) sees a laptop or camera sitting on a car seat, they will break that window, grab the stuff and take off running. Make sure to keep those valuables out of sight.”

Additionally, as the outdoor pools open, Clemens recommends that you store your items in a locker because phones and wallets are commonly taken from unattended bags.

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