News of a late-night gas station robbery in Sioux Falls is nothing new. Why it was just a few weeks ago, and it seems like we were averaging about one a night for pretty close to a week.

Dakota News Now is reporting the Sioux Falls Police Department is still hard at work attempting to solve the rash of C-store robberies that have been plaguing the city for a few months now.

According to the report, about ten sporadic convenience store robberies have occurred within the past three months around the Sioux Falls area.

The Get-n-Go on West 57th and South Marion Road was one of the prime targets, there for a while, it's been robbed twice within the past two months.

Store surveillance footage has been a big aid in helping police describe some of the suspects through mannerisms and clothing. However, the pattern of the robberies continues to be one of the more important aspects during these robbery investigations.

Sioux Falls Public Information Officer Sam Clemens told Dakota News Now, "It's not just one particular robbery, they're looking at all of them. Especially the more recent ones to see if there are any similarities."

To date, a total of three people have been arrested in connection with the string of gas station robberies over the past three months throughout the Sioux Empire.

Source: Dakota News Now

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