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TSM Media Center, Ben Davis, and Patty Dee

What's not to love about Sioux Falls? Okay, those of us who hate hot, sticky weather, (me for instance) could complain about the summers. Or people who hate long, cold, winters could crab about that. Or people who hate road construction, or . . .

I guess we all have something we could (and often do) complain about, when it comes to our city of residence, but overall, Sioux Falls is a pretty great place to live. And, we're not the only ones with that opinion.

WalletHub has the numbers to back up that point of view. In their latest study, of the operating efficiency of the 150 largest cities in the U.S., Sioux Falls came in 11th of the Best & Worst Run Cities in America.

There were two major categories: 1) Total city budget per capita and 2) Quality of city services.

Within those categories, they considered things like high school graduation rates, crime, unemployment, median incomes, poverty rates, quality of roads, pollution, debt, death rates and much more.

Sioux Falls ranked 4th in the economy area which is what really boosted our position in this study, as we didn't show up nearly as well in other parts of it. But overall is what counts. Right?

To see the complete study with all the category breakdowns just check out WalletHub online.

Source: WalletHub

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