I am an avid recycler! In fact, I can proudly say that, I recycle so much of what comes into my house, that I usually only need garbage pickup every other week. Believe me when I tell you, that compared to cities in other states considered to be "environmental wonderlands" (like my home state of Montana, or Colorado), Sioux Falls is much more progressive!

To enhance that forward momentum, the city of Sioux Falls has launched a new recycling education program called "It's Easy to Make an Impact". This campaign includes an updated recycling guide, a new interactive website, updated printed materials with disposal information, and updated stickers for trash and recycling bins.

Recycling extends the life of landfills here in the Sioux Falls area and around the country by keeping tons of materials out of the waste stream.

The next time you're wondering if something is recyclable just go to the Sioux Falls Recycle Guide. You'll be doing yourself, your kids, grandkids, future generations, and the planet, a big favor!

For more information, see the City of Sioux Falls recycling guide or call 605-367-8276.

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