Strong storms whipped through Sioux Falls On September 10, 2019. The storms produced 130 mph winds and spawned 3 tornados. Although the tornados produced most damage around 41st and Kiwanis Street there was other significant damage throughout the city.

One of the places hit hard was the Handy Man Home Remodeling Store on East 10th Street in Sioux Falls. The roof was ripped right off in some places and caved in other spots which prompted the closing of the 10th street store.

According to Erika Boyd Marketing Director of Handy Man Home Remodeling Center, “It’s been a long 4 months for us at Handy Man, but we’re so glad to be operating in our newly remodeled showroom! The hard work has definitely paid off. Our showroom is completely remodeled with new ceiling, floors, lights, windows, displays, and paint. The layout has been switched up so we can now display over 160 different bathroom vanity cabinets.”

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Erika continued. “When ceiling tiles came down during the storm, they landed on our vanities and caused some damage. We had insurance take care of the worst of our vanities, but we couldn’t bear to throw away the ones with minor scratches and scuffs.

They are quality vanities that were able to stand up to some major destruction and get by with just a couple of bumps and bruises. (Any of these vanities would be welcome in MY home, and I’m a bit of a bathroom snob after growing up in the business.)

We have about 40 slightly damaged vanities and tops to sell and another 30 toilets too! If anyone is looking for an amazing deal, this is the best one you will find. We invite you to stop in and say hello, grab some coffee and cookies, sign up for our $300 giveaway, and check out our Scratch & Dent sale this weekend, while supplies last!”


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