With Father's Day coming up on Sunday, don't forget to thank your dad for being your handyman all these years.

There's a survey out that says the average person relies on their father to be their "Mr. Fix It" until they turn 41 years old.

That's right, well into your middle age you're still picking up the phone and calling dad for a little help every time something breaks around the house.

And it's not just women relying on their father's for help. 70% of men claim they still call up pops for his expertise in fixing things. Just remember, this is the same guy that you claimed didn't know jack squat when you were 18. Guess you were wrong huh?

Here are some of the top jobs we count on dad to bail us out on:

  • Fixing the heat
  • Fixing the toilet
  • Fixing leaky pipes
  • Framing up and building walls
  • Fixing a faucet that drips
  • Changing fuses
  • Putting in a patio
  • Installing a kitchen
  • Building a fence

Basically anything that requires the use of power tools. With that in mind, here's an idea, instead of getting dad the tie you typically get him every Father's Day, maybe you should consider a Craftsman Tool Belt and a new set of tools?

It's not like you won't benefit from that gift too.

Source: Daily Mail


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