See the cute guy in the photo above? He's really good about going potty outside, but he is saving #2 for indoors!!!

You love your new puppy too, but house training is a major issue. You're a two-dog household and the younger dog is not being so nice to the older guy. You can't get your pooch to walk beside you on a leash.

If separation anxiety and aggressive behavior are terms you are well acquainted with and your backyard looks like Fluffy's been trying to find buried treasure, perhaps a training tip or two could be helpful.

That is what Training Tip Tuesdays with Smoken Dakota Kennels is all about. Every Tuesday morning at 9:20 on the New KKRC Morning Show with Ben & Patty, we choose one of your dog behavior questions, and Head Trainer at SDK, Lydia Smith will tackle it for you.

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All you have to do is email us your question through the "Contact Us" tab on this 97-3 KKRC website, or to, or just use your KKRC app. If you could, send us a picture too, we're dog lovers around here!

Lydia has years of experience dealing with dogs, young, old, and in-between. She knows the old saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks!" just isn't true. And maybe she can teach you some old tricks for handling your new dog!

If we use your question on the air you win a Day Pass to the SDK Splash Park for you and your furry kid and will be qualified to win the Grand Prize, a complete SDK Training Package valued at $134!

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