September 5 is national cheese pizza day.

And here at 97-3 KKRC, we believe that just one day to celebrate a cheesy pizza pie just won't cut it.

That's why 97-3 KKRC and CNC Food Factory are making it pizza month!

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Thanks to CNC Food Factory we are giving away a whole 12 inch customized pizza of your choice each weekday for the month of September. (That's 22 days which means 22 pizza pies for our listeners).

Weekday mornings around 7:20, listen for Ben & Patty to ask you to call in and Say & Win. Simply tell them how much you "Love Your KKRC" to win a free pizza from CNC Food Factory!

CNC Food Factory also has gluten-free options, great crust, and only uses fresh ingredients for their pizzas.

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