Got Milk? Ben and Patty sure do!

June is National Dairy Month. You might know that, but you may not know that back in 1937 this special recognition of dairy farm families, producers, and their products, began as Milk Month. So I guess you could say that the Mix is going "retro"!

Now through Thursday, June 18th you have a chance to win a fridge full of delicious,  nutritious, milk, from hardworking dairy producers. Just use the registration form below:

Every week we'll draw 10 winners and those 10 winners will each receive four 1 gallon containers of milk from the Sunshine stores in Sioux Falls and Brandon!

If you're like a lot of us, you began a lifelong love affair with milk as a kid. But back then, who cared about how good it was for you. Now we know that milk provides nine essential nutrients, including high-quality protein. It's been said that milk "does a body good", and it really does.

Even more good news came out a while ago when 20 scientific studies indicated that milk, and in particular, low-fat chocolate milk, was a good recovery drink for athletes. You really do, "Get More With Milk", so the next time the kids ask for chocolate milk, you can feel good about saying, "yes!".

Celebrate National Dairy Month now by registering for the chance to win 4 delicious gallons of milk from South Dakota Dairy Producers, Ag United for South Dakota, and Mix 97-3!

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