It's nice to be able to say that Spring is finally here! People are rushing to get their plants and flowers ready to put in, their grills ready to go and are thinking about sprucing up their homes and yards. Thankfully many of the products you'll need and want, can be found at more reasonable prices this month.

Consumer Reports (CR) always has their eyes and ears open for the best deals on all kinds of products and these are just a few of the products you should be able to get deals on during the month of May.

  • Gas grills - In the past 2 years CR has tested over 100 of them and there are seven new brands offering grills in the $650 price range, many of them with features usually only found on pricier models, (here are a few suggestions in the $400 to $700 dollar range).
  • Roofing, siding and decking materials - You may be hiring someone to do the work for you, but you can still save on the products needed for the job.
  • Blenders - Prices can vary widely from as little as $27 or well over $600, so you need to decide just what features you need to get a pitcher of margaritas put together.
  • Freezers - Right before summer, some extra room for grilling goodies and of course those margaritas would be handy. You just need to decide what style you want and price range you're willing to look at.
  • Insect repellents - Just beware of any product touting "natural ingredients" because the only natural ingredient which actually works (according to CR testing) is oil of lemon eucalyptus. Also avoid the sunscreen plus repellent sprays and lotions, they do a poor job of both.

For even more products which are deeply discounted during the month of May, as well as buying tips, reviews and more, see Consumer Reports online.

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