So you spent all of your time before the holidays shopping for other people. Maybe now you can devote some time to shopping for little 'ol you and save some jing while you're at it! Consumer Reports philosophy is that if you're patient, and plan carefully throughout the year, you should never have to pay full price for anything.

But you've got to do your homework, research what you want and/or need and then shop around, (this is where the patience thing comes in).

Here are a few of the products which are deeply discounted during the month of January according to Consumer Reports:

  • TVs- - The weeks leading up to the big game (Sunday, February 2, this year) are a very good time to get that TV you wanted for Christmas but didn't find under the tree.
  • Soundbars - To go with that TV, are easier to set up than other sound systems and are increasingly a good buy now, as retailers make room for new models
  • Fitness equipment - Specifically treadmills and ellipticals, are at good prices just as people are trying to fulfill those New Year's resolutions.
  • Humidifiers - That dry winter air is bad for your lungs, skin, eyes, and believe it or not--furniture. Since they're on sale this month, invest in one for your health's sake.
  • Wall ovens - This may seem like a weird item to consider, but if you have a major kitchen remodel in your future, now is a good time to check out this appliance and find it for less.

For more information on these items and others discounted throughout the year, see Consumer Reports.

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