Eventually, much warmer weather will arrive and you'll want to spend copious amounts of time outside. Thankfully, many of the products that will enrich those outdoor hours are on sale during the month of May.

If your deck needs a facelift, or you're finally going to add one, good for you and your family and friends. Not only does a deck add value to your home, but to your life. Hanging out on a beautiful deck when the weather is nice is relaxing to mind and body.

Now is the time to purchase the decking material you'll need because it sells at its lowest price in May. Wood is still the popular material for most people, but there are other choices. Be sure to price out everything (rails, stairs, and other supports) and keep in mind that it's likely you will pay more for labor than you will for materials.

Once you get the deck up to snuff, maybe the next thing you'll need is a new gas grill and again they are at their best prices now. Consumer Reports recommends looking for ones with burner warranties because that is the most replaced part.

Freezers and blenders are also good buys during May and they sort of go hand-n-hand with the other best buys. You'll want a nice cold frozen drink out on that new deck, right? So you'll need a good blender.

A nice assortment of meats and veggies to throw on the grill will be handy, so perhaps a freezer is the next item to look into. Chest freezers are less expensive but can be hard to organize, (and if you're short like me, you could end up starring in your own horror movie, after you fall in) stand-up models cost more but take up less floor space. So the choice is yours.

Finally, after all this outdoor entertaining, you'll need a great night's sleep on a good mattress. If you don't have one, shop around, you have more choices than ever, including mattress stores, online retailers, warehouse clubs and more. Ask if a better deal is possible and find out the return policy.

For more information check out Consumer Reports online.


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