A lot of these suggestions are just common sense, but the Minnesota Twins have less than two dozen games left to accomplish a laundry list of objectives before season’s end.

None of the targets should strictly adhere to wins or losses, their position in the division or padding of individual stats. That’s like being allowed to eat only sugar wafers after running a marathon.

With a steady diet of playing the teams behind them in the AL Central Division standings down the stretch plus a couple contenders in the Yankees and Athletics also included, these last days are all about execution. Specifically, Paul Molitor and his coaching staff need to make sure his team performs at a high level throughout all phases of the game until September 30.

Things like bonehead base running and wasted at-bats should be abolished if at all possible. The mindset of every position player is to maximize every offensive situation. Like a runner on second with none out or third base with one out or less should score. Pitchers should also utilize the games remaining to grow mentally against some of the best and subdue the lesser competition.

So what if postseason aspirations are a pipe dream or a winning season is slipping away. Better luck next year, I say.

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