Well, it certainly didn't take long for someone to screw with one of the pieces of the newly installed artwork on the downtown Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk.

The 19th annual SculptureWalk exhibit was just introduced into downtown Sioux Falls a little over a week ago, and already one of the pieces has been vandalized, stolen, and subsequently recovered.

Dakota News Now reports the sculpture known as "Miss" by artist Xu Long Hua was damaged and then a portion of the artwork was stolen either late Friday night (May 20) or early Saturday morning (May 21st).

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"Miss" was part of 67 beautiful new sculptures recently added to the sidewalks of the sculpture walk area that make up a large portion of the downtown district here in the city.

Maybe you heard the news that the SculptureWalk actually expanded somewhat in 2022?

Pieces of artwork now not only line the streets of Main and Phillips Avenue, along with surrounding areas like Cherapa Place and the Arc of Dreams but sculps also can be viewed for the first time in the Cathedral Historic District as well.

The  "Miss" sculpture which was damaged and stolen over the weekend was located near Wells Fargo along Phillips Avenue.

According to the Dakota News Now story, the missing portion of the sculpture was recovered sometime on Sunday (May 22) and is now in the possession of the Sioux Falls Police Department.

At this time, there are still no reports of any arrests that have been made in connection with the stolen downtown Sioux Falls sculpture.

Source: Dakota News Now 

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