I don't know about you, but I could use a little light-hearted distraction right about now. So, when I came across this delightful Easter product, I knew I had to share!

I've been very upfront about my love of Peeps, over the years. For me, they are at their best after they have been sitting around for about a month, unopened. They dry out a bit and develop a harder, more sugary crust and become chewier in texture. That, to me, is when they are -- perfection!

Now comes news of Peeps you can wear on your feet. Two iconic brands have teamed up for what promises to be one sweet collaboration! Peeps and Crocs have created a limited-edition Peeps x Crocs Classic Clog in three of your favorite Peeps colors, yellow, pink and blue.

The shoes will be coated with a special material that will give them a sugary appearance and they come with three 3D Jibbitz charms shaped like Peeps chicks. These cute footwear concoctions won't come cheap, though, going for $50 a pair at Crocs retail stores and on the Crocs website.

**Full disclosure, I just checked their website and they are completely sold out of these already!! Grrr! Maybe next year.**

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