Yes, I have my very own Wienermobile whistle! Frankly, it sits on my computer tower at work and every once in a while, I pick it up and blow it. It's just a reminder of a childhood too long gone, but still living in me.

You might even have a chance to score your own Wienermobile whistle and get a peek inside the iconic vehicle when it arrives in Sioux Falls on Friday, October 27th.

Inside the Wienermobile
Ben Davis

It will be your chance to ketchup with two people who really relish their jobs! "Grill Em' Up Emily" and "BBQ Brady are the hot doggers who are bringing this historic sausage on wheels back to Sioux Falls

Right now Wienermobile navigators "Grill Em' Up Emily" and "BBQ Brady" have several stops already lined up in Sioux Falls.

  • Friday, October 27th - A Visit to Country Apple Orchard on SD Highway 115 near Harrisburg from 4 to 8 PM
  • Saturday, October 28th - The Downtown Sioux Falls Zombie Walk - 8th & Railroad from 3 to 5 PM
  • Sunday, October 29th- Great Plains Zoo Boo on South Kiwanis Avenue from 9 AM to 4 PM
The Bun Box
Ben Davis

**As they add more stops we'll be updating this story.

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