We just happened to see this on our friend James Payer's Facebook page this morning:

So that got me wondering where it was going. Or where it was going to be over the next several days.

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We were fortunate to spend some time with a couple of "Hotdoggers" or drivers, for one of the 6 Wienermobiles on the road last August (2020). They loved their jobs spreading the gospel of hot dogs across the country, meeting new people and getting to see some beautiful spots in the U.S.

So with thanks to Ben Davis - - Welcome to the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

My research into the Wienermobile's visit in the Sioux Empire found that it is going to be at places around Sioux Falls, so the stop in town was just sort of happenstance.

The world's favorite wiener on wheels is going to be at Strawbale Winery near Renner tonight (July 22, 2021) as part of their Thursday Night "Summer Porch Series". It will be in Pipestone tomorrow (July 23) at Coborn's store and Saturday, at Coborn's Superstore in Mitchell. Finally, it will make it's final stop in this area at Wilde Prairie Winery just north of Brandon.

So what does it take to be a Wienermobile driver? Well, to even be able to apply, you must be a college senior who is close to graduation. Recruiters and current Hotdoggers visit college campuses throughout the year looking for future drivers. Around 2,000 people apply every year.

The chosen "Hotdoggers" attend a two-week "Hot Dog High" where they receive a gigantic binder with a ton of information". They learn how to deal with the public, the media, any protests they might encounter (I know, hard to believe, but not everyone loves hot dogs), what kind of behavior they're expected to exhibit when not on the job and so much more!

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