We all know it's rather sh*$%y of Mother Nature to keep dropping these Bomb Cyclones on us, especially during the month of April. In theory, it should be sunny and at least in the 50's most of the time, right?

The past couple of years that definitely has not been the story in this region.

If you remember during Mid April in 2018, we experienced a severe blizzard that crippled much of South Dakota with ice, several inches of snow, and high winds. Now flash forward a year, and lucky us, it's the same exact story yet again. Thanks a bunch, Mother Nature!

One thing that is different about this year's Mid April snowstorm, compared to the one in 2018, is the snow and ice falling this year has somewhat of a slight brownish tint to it.

So what's causing that? A Sioux Falls man has a theory.

National Weather Service meteorologist Todd Heitkamp believes this latest blast from Mother Nature may have a bit of Texas tagging along.

Heitkamp told KSFY TV, it may be dust and dirt that was blowing around Texas and Oklahoma earlier in the week. As the storm strengthened, it may have ingested the dust, which then fell with the snow.

That's awesome! What's next, a little acid rain mixed in with our April and May showers?

Again, regarding the slight brownish tint to this recent round of snow, Heitkamp says it's just his theory, the National Weather Service cannot confirm it.

Source: KSFY TV

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