Kattywampus is the most used slang word in South Dakota - and it's one that most outsiders wouldn't understand. It's used frequently in the Rushmore State and it means that something is amiss, crooked, or confusing. It can also be used in giving directions such as "their house is kattywampus from ours."

The other most-used slang phrase in South Dakota is "get a wiggle on" which means to hurry up.

Meanwhile, the research concluded that North Dakota is in love with the Norwegian phrase "Uff Da!"

While plenty of Minnesotans also use Uff Da! daily, SKOL! is the most used slang word. Go to any Vikings game and it's gospel. It was used by the original Vikings (Yes, even before Fran Tarkington) and means cheers and to good health. When a Minnesotan agrees with something, "You betcha!" is used. And really, do Minnesotans call a water fountain a "bubbler?" Apparently so.

Growing up in Iowa, I'll agree with this one: "Padiddle" is called when you see a headlight out. Then be the first to punch the top of the car and yell "padiddle!" and you can claim victory. After a long road trip it was custom to give the winner a Mr. Pibb, or just leave them at the rest stop. Kidding.

In Nebraska you're having a pretty good night if you've got red beer and Runza.

The poll of thousands across all 50 states revealed some pretty strange findings. As it turns out, thirsty folks from the upper midwest call soda or fizzy drinks "pop" - and we're cool with that.

By the way, if you find yourself in New Jersey and someone says they're going to "throw a ripper" don't back up. It simply means they're throwing a party.

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