What an atomic disappointment 2020 has been. From music concerts, graduations, restaurants shuttered, and our favorite watering holes boarded up. Damn it, COVID. Could you give us a break to celebrate America's independence?

Apparently not.

The traditional fireworks display at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds has been canceled for July 4th, 2020. Staying within the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control which recommends that no more than 250 gather in a single location, the Jaycees have scrapped the annual family event.

We do not feel that it is prudent to invite thousands to gather due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.” ~ Sioux Falls Jaycees.

This is only the third time in its 53 year history to have canceled.

However, without the gigantic fireworks fairgrounds show, this could be a boon for local fireworks sellers. Because hell or high water, we're celebrating.

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