Pomegranate Market has been a fixture on the southwest side of Sioux Falls for 13 years and Dakota News Now is reporting they are going to be expanding.

Downtown Sioux Falls will soon benefit from the presence of a new Pomegranate Market on the first floor of the Clark Building at Cherapa Place. There are loft apartments on the upper floors of the building.

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Co-owner Craig Snyder said:

We’re going to take the original Pomegranate Market to the next level and then take the new store beyond that because we’re designing it to meet the unique needs of downtown shoppers

Pomegranate Market is well-known for its wide selection of organic produce, bulk food bins, plant-based products, allergen-friendly foods, grab-n-go meals, and natural supplements.

Having a new grocery store in the downtown area should help ease some of the concerns people have had about the grocery desert in that part of Sioux Falls.

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More details about the new location should be coming soon.

Source: Dakota News Now

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