Thanksgiving tradition in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota includes the blessing of a fine meal. Along with Turkey, what are each state's favorite side dishes?

If you are lucky enough to be able to surround yourself with family and friends on Thanksgiving you know that a bountiful table adds to the heartwarming festivity.

If you are traveling to a friend's or relative's house you are often tasked with bringing a side dish to compliment all the other delights on the Turkey Day table.

But what side dish do you bring? That is the question!

The folks at Thrillist have put together a helpful list of the Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes in Each State.

According to their research, the most preferred Side Dish among Minnesotans is the Charcuterie Tray.

Minnesotan Charcuterie Tray-Getty Thinkstock
Minnesotan Charcuterie Tray-Getty Thinkstock

While folks in Iowa tend to enjoy Green Beans like in a fine Green Bean Casserole.

Iowa Green Bean Casserole-Getty Thinkstock
Iowa Green Bean Casserole-Getty Thinkstock

And in South Dakota, you'll find a preference for Baked Sweet Potatoes.

Baked Sweet Potatoes-Getty Thinkstock
Baked Sweet Potatoes-Getty Thinkstock

Here is the full breakdown of the Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes in Each State:

Alabama: sweet potato casserole
Alaska: stuffed mushrooms
Arizona: mashed potatoes
Arkansas: white gravy
California: mashed potatoes
Colorado: mashed potatoes
Connecticut: mashed potatoes
Delaware: cauliflower mashed potatoes
Florida: rolls
Georgia: collard greens
Hawaii: mashed potatoes
Idaho: side salad
Illinois: mashed potatoes
Indiana: green beans
Iowa: green beans
Kansas: creamed corn
Kentucky: hashbrown casserole
Louisiana: cornbread Dressing
Maine: stuffing
Maryland: collard greens
Massachusetts: mashed potatoes
Michigan: rolls
Minnesota: charcuterie tray
Mississippi: cornbread
Missouri: charcuterie tray
Montana: turkey gravy
Nebraska: crescent roll
Nevada: mashed potatoes
New Hampshire: stuffing
New Jersey: stuffed mushrooms
New Mexico: side salad
New York: sweet potatoes with marshmallows
North Carolina: biscuit
North Dakota: fruit salad
Ohio: green beans
Oklahoma: baked potato
Oregon: mashed potatoes
Pennsylvania: stuffing
Rhode Island: glazed carrots
South Carolina: collard greens
South Dakota: baked sweet potatoes
Tennessee: hashbrown casserole
Texas: creamed corn
Utah: rolls
Vermont: macaroni and cheese
Virginia: macaroni and cheese
Washington: roasted vegetables
West Virginia: rolls
Wisconsin: baked potato
Wyoming: baked potato

Thanksgiving meal-Getty Thinkstock
Thanksgiving meal-Getty Thinkstock

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