If you have an income that would allow you to manage a mortgage of nearly $11,000, then you should consider The Kindred House. This gorgeous 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom Sioux Falls home is currently for sale.

According to Zillow.com, this is currently the most expensive home in Sioux Falls, priced at just $ 20,000 under $2 million dollars.

UPDATE- -As of approximately an hour ago, this extraordinary home has moved to the second most expensive Sioux Falls home!

A Tuscan-inspired beauty going for $1,995,000, with one more bathroom, has supplanted The Kindred House as the number one most expensive home.

There are seven other homes listed over $1,000,000, not to mention a 41-acre undeveloped property on South Kiwanis Avenue valued at over $11,000,000!

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Don't get me wrong, I dream about spending time in a home like this- -perhaps on a long, lazy, vacation. One where other people make my bed, wash my towels, bring me tall glasses of vodka & Frescas out by the pool, clean the windows, the floors, and the bathrooms.

I'd need the wine fridge and liquor cabinet fully stocked and be able to order the food products needed for my stay. I would more than likely be making elaborate meals in the kitchen (I mean, it even has a pot-filler over the stove!) and invite family and friends over for pasta and pooling!

I could sleep in a different bedroom every night. Unless, of course, I had guests or family also staying in our gorgeous vacation home. At the end of the vacation, I would have a bunch of delicious memories, but not a property tax bill larger than my yearly salary!

Just look at this gorgeous home!

One of The Most Expensive Sioux Falls Home on the Market



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