If you think about it, drivers are the eyes and ears of the city. They are up and down the streets for hours meeting up with all kinds of people both outside and on the bus. Most drivers know they might be the first in line to need to help someone either on the bus or even outside and that is the case for one very lucky little boy.

According to A Metro Transit Blog Post: Ambrose Younge is a bus driver for the city of Minneapolis. Last month as he was driving his route he saw a young boy who maybe was between 4 and 6 years old standing in the snow with a backpack all by himself. The little boy apparently attempted to get into a vehicle and they took off.

Younge knew he had to do something to help this little boy, it was cold, and snowing and this child was by himself. As Younge approached the child he said " I could tell the child was very anxious. He was non-verbal and difficult to communicate with, but I kept an eye on him and kept talking to him."

Younge was able to get the child on the bus to keep him safe and warm and immediately called his supervisor with a description of the boy to give to the Minneapolis Police Department to check and see if there were any reports of a missing child in the area. In fact, Minneapolis Police did have a report from a caretaker of a lost child who was autistic and was reported missing in that general area.

From the location of the call to where Younge had discovered the child, he was about 15 blocks from home. Can you even imagine a child that young in the winter wandering that far from home, it is an absolute miracle that he found him and the child was unharmed? He was then returned to his very grateful parents.

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