In today's world we are living in, what is the one item most people will have with them at all times?  A mask.

Bringing masks with you is part of your "must-have" accessories nowadays, especially in my home state of Illinois.  It is all part of their new normal routine.  You're always checking to see if you have your phone, wallet, and keys, right?  Add masks to that list.

It was kind of a culture shock for me to say the least.  Since I live in South Dakota, I was not accustomed to wearing a mask in restaurants, some outdoor areas, and even during special celebrations. Just like most states, every part of Illinois has different COVID-19 restrictions and regulations.  It's easy to research all the rules, but it's surprising to see these restrictions in full swing.  I captured some of the more shocking moments just to give you an idea of life in a bigger city.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, what are some changes that have surprised you?

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