It is well-known that I've had my issues with squirrels over the years. I'm fully convinced that ever since I zapped one in the head with a doggy ball, while he sat in a tree and chattered angrily at my dogs, they've had it out us.

Case in point; there was the year a bunch of my large Christmas tree bulbs disappeared off of my trees in front of my house. No, it wasn't neighborhood kids, because they would have removed them and broken them all over the sidewalk. Then there is the leaving of corn cobs all over the backyard, so they become painful projectiles when I run over the stupid things with the lawnmower!

They are constantly digging up divots in the backyard from spring through the end of fall either to bury things or in an effort to find things they did bury and can no longer find. They rummage through my plant pots all through the growing season for the same reason.

If you give them the opportunity, they along with the bunnies will eat your tulips and lilies before they even have a chance to grow. And they continue to harass my remaining German Shepherd with behavior which is simply beneath them!

Now the final insult. I'm recently browsing the Easter candy aisle in a local store when lo and behold, I see nestled in with all the chocolate bunnies, Peeps, jelly beans and other Easter goodies - a happily smiling chocolate squirrel.

Did I purchase it. No. Did I want to? Absolutely. I mean, it was chocolate with hazelnuts, who doesn't love that? But I refused, on principle.

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