If someone's dog takes a dump on your lawn in Sioux Falls and doesn't pick it up are they breaking a city law?

In Sioux Falls you can be fined up to $500 for having too much dog doo on your own lawn.

In other words you would be deemed a 'Neighborhood Nuisance' and all your accumulated pet poo could get you ticketed.

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But what if someone is consistently walking their big Black Lab by your lawn with a habit of leaving steaming piles of doggy deuce on your grass without picking 'em up?

Can the pooch's owner get fined for not cleaning up after their pet in Sioux Falls?

Sioux Falls pet ordinances require you to "clean up after your pet. Anytime your dog, cat, or other pet defecates on property not your own, you must pick up after it.

No owner, keeper, caretaker, or attendant of an animal shall allow an animal to defecate on public or private property other than his or her own.

If the animal does defecate upon public or private property, the owner, keeper, caretaker or attendant must immediately and thoroughly clean the fecal matter from the property.

Anyone walking an animal on public or private property other than his or her own must carry with him or her visible means of cleaning up any fecal matter left by the animal."

So the answer is YES … According to Sioux Falls Animal Control not picking up your pet's poo can get you fined $107.50!

The city of Sioux Falls reminds you that “Cleaning up after your pooch isn’t just a courtesy for those walking behind you, it is also a healthy and environmentally sound thing to do.

Pet waste can be a significant source of water pollution.

When pet waste is not properly disposed of, it can be carried by rain or snow runoff directly into our local waterways or through our storm drainage system.”

Some places do dog poo DNA testing for dumps left on neighborhood lawns.

But how would they trace that back to the offending mutt unless it has a criminal record and DNA on file with the SFPD?


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