Phil Collins is just one more person happy to be saying goodbye and good riddance to 2020! Health issues that have him using a cane and a wheelchair, along with marital and legal issues involving his ex-wife, conspired to make last year a hell on earth for him.

Preparations for the Genesis reunion tour set to begin in April of 2021 are underway. A still disabled Phil won't be able to play drums, but he's keeping it in the family as his amazingly talented son Nic will be handling percussion duties.

His first solo hit and arguably best-known song, "In the Air Tonight", never achieved a number one chart position, but has gone on to achieve iconic status after becoming part of the soundtracks of movies, television shows, commercials, and more. It celebrates its 40th anniversary in conjunction with the aforementioned upcoming tour, this summer.

My guess is that you may have seen the fun viral video of the twins Tim and Fred Williams as they hear the song for the first time.

But Rolling Stone has taken a big step further to honor the song and Phil Collins by compiling a number of alternate takes on the famous drum fill which occurs about 5 minutes into the haunting song. At least two of them are completely wacky.

The weirdest being, a deer tripping over a child's playset.

Followed by a Tik Tok cabinet closing challenge that goes on way tooooooo long!

Of course, there is the nutty Mike Tyson scene in The Hangover and many others you can check out for yourself on Rolling Stone's music website.

Sources: Rolling Stone Music, The Mix Entertainment Report, and Billboard magazine

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