I've already made it known that working from home is not as appealing to some as it is to others. But as the old saying goes, "to each his own". As long as this idiotic virus continues to keep people within the confines of their homes, we'll have to come up with creative ways to keep in touch.

Before the show, around 5:30 AM or so we have been FaceTiming, to say good morning and just b.s. for a bit. Then, while we're doing our show we communicate by texting and emailing.

Because I'm very familiar with the place Ben is working, I feel it necessary to bring him into my somewhat smaller universe, by sending him pictures of items I have around me, quite often in response to some snarky comment he may have made on or off the air.

Needless to say, because snark is his stock-in-trade, he has received a lot of pictures this week.

Things Patty Has Around Her While She Works

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