OMG! Talk about a horrible week, I just received a call that my auto warranty is set to expire, and get this, a few minutes later, I received another phone call notifying me that there is a problem with my school loans that requires my prompt attention. And to top it all off, the IRS needs to speak with me immediately regarding back taxes!

I am going to go out on a limb here, but I'm guessing you probably received similar phone calls or text messages over the past few weeks as well.

You gotta love spam and scam calls don't you? Almost everyone gets them these days, some people more than others.

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I received two calls yesterday alone!

I can't begin to tell you, what a relief it is for me to know there is a team of people out there working around the clock that is so concerned about school loans that I don't even have.

A company called Time2Play recently conducted a study to determine just how many spam calls and text messages people average in a given day in states across America.

It's definitely a problem that is plaguing nearly every single person in the nation right now.

All I can say is I am glad I don't live in Pennsylvania. They currently hold the title of being the Spam Call Capital of the nation at the moment. The residents of Pennsylvania average 4.4 spam calls per day. New Jersey is a close second at 4.3 calls, followed by Texas at 4.1 calls every SINGLE day!!!

That's a whole lot of annoyance if you ask me.

So, how often is the average South Dakotan's phone lighting up with a spam call or text?

According to Time2Play we get picked on by spammers and scammers on average 2.9 times each day.

Time2Play found the average state receives around 3.7 spam calls and 1.5 spam texts each day. Because of that, 91% of us no longer answer calls from unknown numbers.

These spam and scam callers are a crafty crew! I used to receive a ton of calls from other area codes. It was easy to identify those as spam calls. I don't know anyone in Beltsville, Maryland!

Now, these crafty devils are switching things up and using 605 as the area code. They fooled me on a couple of occasions. Now I just let the call go directly to voicemail unless I recognize the phone number.

I'll run the risk that I am going to miss out on my all-expense-paid vacation to Tahiti.

If you're super annoyed with all these spam calls and text messages, there are spam blockers that you can download to your phone.

Me, I choose to have a little fun at the spammer's expense. I've recorded a voicemail message that says "If you're calling to reach Marc to notify him that his auto warranty is set to expire, I am sorry to tell you that he recently passed away. However, we will be having a seance on Wednesday night, so please leave a message and we will see that he gets it."

Source: Time2Play

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