Sure there are people who commute to work in Sioux Falls from fairly substantial distances, but in general, most of us have a very short commute. But a short drive to work isn't the only factor that determines a state's quality of driving in the latest WalletHub study.

It is a much more important aspect in states with a large number of highly populated cities. In the last cost comparison study they did in 2019, congestion "cost U.S. drivers $88 billion" and "99 hours of their time" sitting stuck in traffic.

Road condition is always another important consideration in this yearly study, as are a number of other elements. The cost of ownership and maintenance of your vehicles, the weather you encounter while driving in your city, safety issues in terms of road condition and upkeep, accident rates, car theft rates, number of uninsured drivers and DUIs, seatbelt use, and more all weigh into the determination of state driving rank.

South Dakota faired pretty well in this latest study, achieving the rank of 8th place overall. This was mainly due to high scores in the "vehicle cost of ownership & maintenance" as well as "traffic & infrastructure" categories. Our neighboring states diverged greatly in rank.

  • Iowa - - 4th
  • Minnesota - -32nd
  • North Dakota - - 15th
  • Nebraska - - 13th
  • Montana - - 18th
  • Wyoming - - 24th

To see the complete study go to WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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