Welcome to the season of the itch.

Personally, I love the summer months, however, I'm not overly crazy about all the winged things that come out to play during the months of May, June, July, August, and September in a state like South Dakota.

Mosquitoes are typically the worst. South Dakota seems to have an abundance of them most summers. I happen to be one of those people they love to snack on. Most days I'm like a walking, talking, Shoney's breakfast buffet for the mosquito population. If I spend any significant time outdoors, I'm a walking welt by the end of the day.

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Generally, mosquitoes are most active around sunrise and sunset. High humidity conditions favor mosquito activity, while lower humidity suppresses activity. If you want to reduce your chances of getting bit, steer clear of areas that contain a lot of moisture.

Okay, so let's say a mosquito decides to make you his dinner, what can you do to ditch the annoying itch?

Here are the three home remedies that have been known to help provide instant relief.


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It's not just for breakfast anymore. According to Healthline.com, oatmeal can be very effective in helping to stop the itching and swelling that results from bug bites like mosquitoes. They recommend you make an oatmeal-type paste by mixing equal parts of oatmeal and water in a bowl until it creates a spackle-like substance. Then, dab a little on a washcloth and hold it, paste-side down on the bite for about 10 minutes. After that, wipe the area clean. If you have multiple bites, a 20-minute oatmeal bath should help do the trick.

Crushed Ice:

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Cold temps help to reduce inflammation, and for that reason, Healthline.com recommends using a cold, damp cloth or an ice pack to relieve the itching caused by a mosquito bite. A bag of crushed ice can also do the trick. Be advised, you should never place ice directly on your skin, as it could cause damage. Always create a barrier like a washcloth between your skin and the ice. Apply the cold pack several times throughout the day for a period of 5 to 10 minutes each time to help relieve itching and swelling.


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Honey has been used by people throughout the years to help bring relief to a whole assortment of ailments. Sore throats, dry skin, and yes, even bug bites. Healthline.com recommends putting a small drop of honey on an itchy mosquito bite, it can potentially reduce inflammation, and also reduce your temptation to scratch that itch. It ends up having a psychological effect. Scratching skin that's coated in honey can and most likely will create a sticky mess, and for that reason, most people ditch the urge to itch.

The folks at Healthline.com offer up several other home remedies you can try to help beat the bump of a mosquito bite. Good luck, hopefully, one of them does the trick for you.

Source: Healthline.com

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