Volunteering your way. If you think that's a foreign concept to the Helpline Center, you'd be wrong. Yes, they are all about helping people make connections. But those connections have to be something or someone you care about, or what's the point?

No matter where your passions or interests lie, the Helpline Center can help you find a volunteering opportunity that appeals to you.

During the summer there are weekly Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects, but you can choose any of the projects, at any time and put them together on your own, or with your family. When you're finished you can call the Helpline Center at 211, to find out which organizations are in need of them and where and how you can deliver them.

Already this summer DIY projects have included mask making, Teacher Thank You Care Packs, Kids Summer Fun Kits, Laundry & Hygiene kits, and more. This week's suggested project is a Senior Care Kit.

When you're putting these together, think about what your grandparents or elderly friends and neighbors might enjoy in these gift packs. All you need to do is find a fun or cheerful gift bag or box, collect all the goodies you want to fill it with, put it together, add a cheerful note and you're done!

Some suggestions for items for your Senior Care Kit include:

  • Activity books or crossword puzzle books
  • Snacks and other goodies
  • A jigsaw puzzle
  • A deck of playing cards
  • Hand sanitizer and lotion
  • Stamps and note cards
  • Tissues
  • Large print books or magazines

But truly, what you include is up to you. Just know that you'll be making someone's day with this gift.

For more information about the Summer DIY Projects and hundreds of other volunteer opportunities, or if you need help yourself, call 211, see the Helpline Center online, or on Facebook.

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