Whenever I think of the Helpline Center, the number 211 just pops into my mind. That number is like a beacon for anyone who needs and wants help, or needs and wants to help. It is the number you can call if you have the time, energy, and heart to participate in any of these volunteer opportunities.

  • Sioux Falls Centralized Food Distribution - This collaborative effort from Feeding South Dakota, Faith Temple Food Giveaway, the Salvation Army, Corona Help Sioux Falls, and the Helpline Center, is in need of more volunteers, as a number of them have returned to work. The vacated Fareway Store location at 41st & Grange Avenue is the new location for this program, as of Tuesday, June 2. Volunteers are needed on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Noon to 7 PM. If you can help you're invited to sign up online.
  • Mask Makers - These wonderful volunteers are still in great demand as the COVID-19 crisis continues. If you can help, please sign up with the Helpline Center and they'll let you know what to do next.
  • This Week's DIY Summer Project - Laundry Kits are something that people who are just coming back from illness, job loss, or other traumatic experiences would really appreciate. And as always, these can be as simple, or as elaborate as your heart and budget allow. Suggestions include purchasing a laundry basket or hamper of some sort and filling it with laundry detergent and softener (liquid, pods, or sheets), maybe a nice set of kitchen or bath towels, a snack, and finish it off with a ribbon or bow and a note of encouragement. When you're done, call 211 and the Helpline Center can let you know where to drop off your gift.

For more information about these volunteer opportunities and hundreds of others, call 211, see the Helpline Center online and on Facebook.

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