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the Lowest Point in South Dakota
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A lot of South Dakotans might be aware that the highest point in South Dakota is Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney Peak), but according to Only in Your State South Dakota, very few of us know where the lowest point is.

In fact, you may have camped, fished, picnicked, gone camping, or swam there without even knowing you were at the lowest point in the state of South Dakota.

Big Stone Lake
Google Street View

The lowest point in South Dakota is Big Stone Lake, at an elevation of 965 feet.

It's opposite, Black Elk Peak tops out at 7,242 feet high.

Big Stone Lake is right on the South Dakota-Minnesota border and is also home to two state parks, Hartford Beach State Park in South Dakota and Big Stone Lake State Park in Minnesota.

Google Map of Big Stone Lake
Google Maps

Now that you know about this beautiful low point in South Dakota, why not make it a high point of your next getaway?

Source: Only in Your State South Dakota

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