Alpacas are adorable, gentle, impossibly fuzzy creatures. People often mistake them for llamas, but llamas they are not, although they are related. In fact alpacas, llamas and camels are part of the camelidae family. Llamas are used primarily as pack animals, while alpacas are raised for that soft fuzzy coat.

Alpacas are extremely social animals that make great pets when trained properly. They spit at each other when they're feeling stressed or threatened but won't spit at or bite people, unless they're being abused.

All in all, they are really cute, curious creatures and you have the chance right now to name two of them. The Great Plains Zoo has two female one-year-old alpacas living in the Hy-Vee Face-to-Face Farm and they need names.

You can vote in-person at the zoo when you're visiting, you can vote at all 7 Hy-Vees in Sioux Falls and you can vote at There is no limit on the number of entries you can have.

The Great Plains Zoo will choose a winner, who will then get to meet the alpacas and also win a 3-foot plush horse. The "Name the Alpacas" Contest is going on now through July 23.

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